Mindfulness meditation practice

Mindfulness dates back thousands of years but has attracted considerable attention in recent years for its applications in medicine and daily life. This short mindfulness meditation invites you to use your body and senses to focus your attention on the here and now, without judgment.

Meditation Toolkit

Do you like the idea of meditation, but aren’t sure how to get started?

Link to the ABC’s Meditation Toolkit

We know meditation can help you feel less stressed, boost your concentration and improve your sense of wellbeing, but to get the benefits you need to do it regularly.

So we’re hoping you’ll join us every day for the next six weeks and practice a short meditation at the beginning and end of the day. Hopefully, by then it will have become a habit.

Our Meditation tool kit will get you started. It includes: explainers on what meditation is and how to do it, how meditation can improve your health, audio practices of different styles of meditation and even a diary to keep you motivated. But keep coming back as we’ll be adding more goodies to help keep you motivated throughout the challenge.

Happy meditating!